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All vehicles must be registered with TCD on an annual basis. This registration is subject to the vehicle passing an inspection by a TCD examiner. The annual registration fee is determined by the class of vehicle." Following is some helpful information on the inspection and registration process. 

Vehicle Inspections

Vehicles must pass an inspection by a TCD examiner before they can be licensed. This inspection takes place at TCD and at our two satellite locations. In order to have your vehicle inspected you must make an appointment with our staff. You can make an appointment by phone anytime between regular business hours for any of our three testing locations." Please note that motorcycle examinations must be done at the main TCD location.

Exemptions to Annual Examination:

Private cars are exempt from examination in their second and fourth year of ownership. These vehicles must still be registered, however the inspection for these years are waved. For example, if you bought your car in 2003, you do not need to have it examined for the year 2004 and 2006. If a car is no longer owned by its original purchaser that vehicle must be inspected every year.

Certain classes of public service vehicles must be inspected semi-annually. These classes include: Taxis, Limousines, and Mini-Buses.
Vehicle Registration

When you car has passed its examination you need to see a clerk at TCD to register your vehicle for the following year. You will need to present proof of insurance and pay the associated fee for your vehicle." Additionally you will need to pay the inspection fee." Therefore the total amount paid will be the license fee and the inspection fee.