If you are over the age of 18 and under 65 and cannot work through physical or mental disability, you may be entitled to receive a disability benefit if:

  • the incapacity lasts for a continuous period of more than 52 weeks; and
  • you were gainfully employed immediately before the date of incapacity for work; and
  • you paid not less than 150 contributions; and
  • the yearly average of contributions paid or credited is over 25; and
  • you can produce a certificate of inability to work signed by a local registered medical doctor.

The rate of benefit will depend on your contribution record.

Note: A person who is terminally ill may be exempt from the waiting period.


If you have not paid into the scheme, you may still qualify for disability benefit if you:

  • are a resident in Bermuda aged over 18 but under 65; and
  • cannot work due to permanent physical or mental disability; and
  • have been a resident here for a continuous period of not less than 10 years immediately preceding the date you apply; and
  • produce a medical certificate of inability to work.