2013 STEPS to a Well Bermuda

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By now you may have received a postcard indicating that your household has been selected for STEPs to a Well Bermuda. If you have any queries  about the STEPS process, please email

However, please note that we are not accepting consents or refusals via email or telephone. As part of the standard STEPS process, an interviewer must attend to each selected household to obtain consent or refusal.

We thank you for your anticipated cooperation,
The STEPs to a Well Bermuda Team



Stretch your dollars and save time by:

  1. Planning meals and making a grocery list (including several meatless dishes using eggs, beans or peanut butter);
  2. Checking the cabinets, refrigerator and newspaper specials for staples or in season foods. Add missing and affordable items to the list for balance and a variety of meals;
  3. Shopping when you are not in a hurry or hungry;



Have a question that you would like answered by a nutritionist? Email us at with your question. All questions are confidential. To view our frequently asked nutrition questions, click here.
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Permanent Secretary


Acting Chief Medical Officer- Dr. Cheryl Peek Ball


Dept. of Health Sections  

Chief Medical Officer
Continental Building
25 Church Street
Hamilton HM 12
P.O. Box HM 1195, Hamilton HM EX
Telephone: 278-4921
Community Health Services (Victoria Street Clinic)
Hamilton Health Centre
67 Victoria Street
Hamilton HM 12
P.O. Box HM 1195, Hamilton HM EX
Telephone: 278-6460
Environmental Health 
Metro Building 
6 Hermitage Road 
P.O. Box HM 1195, Hamilton HM EX
Telephone: 278-5333 
Dental Health
Hamilton Health Centre
67 Victoria Street
Hamilton HM 12
P.O. Box HM 1195, Hamilton HM EX
Telephone: 278-6440
Central Government Laboratory 
P.O. Box HM 1195,
Hamilton HM EX

Travel Clinic
Immunisations and information required for healthy travelling
abroad are provided through this clinic.
Hours: Thursday 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Phone: 278-6460 or 278-6461

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Consultation Feedback Report on the National Health Plan 2011
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HIV/AIDS in Bermuda 2010 Report
Well Bermuda - National Health Promotion Strategy 2008
DOH Research Governance Framework 2008
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